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"We commend the professionalism and performance of Best Solutions in this project..."


"The quality of the team today shows that he {Mr. Wheatley} was not only able to select potential individuals, but also develop them into strong contributors to the success of..."


"Mr. Wheatley is able to very effectively combine analytical and communication skills to motivate, coach and lead his team members to success."


"In summary, Mr. Wheatley's professional knowledge, ability/desire to lean, flexibility to adapt to new situations and communication skills are his most significant assets."


"Mr. Wheatley was able to master the complexity and challenge of the assignment due to his management strengths: strong leadership skills...extensive communication skills...analytical abilities...problem-solving skills and action-oriented, particularly in business turn-around...extensive international experience and general professionalism."


"We are satisfied with the performance of Glen in this truly multi-faceted assignment and appreciate all the intelligent work done particularly under consideration that the starting situation was rather difficult."


"In the years that I have known him {Glen}, I have come to appreciate his ability to give new perspectives and analysis on various issues and provide appropriate concrete suggestions for action."


"Working with Glen has always been a pleasure for us, particularly because he has a strong ability to communicate with and motivate a wide variety of people from various nationalities..."


"Glen was very flexible and open to our needs as a client, provided useful input when appropriate, and was willing and able to do whatever was necessary to make the project successful. His professionalism, pleasant and energetic nature, and hard work were all reasons for his success within our organization."

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