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What We Are Passionate About

We love making sense of it all by questioning, listening and connecting the dots to find the best ways forward.


It's done in three comprehensive steps:


  1. Observing and discovering: Asking questions and collecting plenty of input

  2. Analysing and synthesizing: Using our experience to sensibly structure information

  3. Summarising and communicating: Ensuring clarity to enable future action


BSI sees itself as a “co-investor” in the ongoing success of its clients, taking an active role in shaping
their future to maximise their market potential. The process usually begins with a Business Health
Review and continues with tailored support to navigate the optimisation process.

This support is grounded in clarity of information and communication to increase profitability and
peace of mind for business owners.

Our Service Portfolio is Comprised of Two Groups:

Business Growth and Navigation Services

  • Identification of key issues preventing growth

  • Determination of solutions and priorities

  • Resolution of urgent issues while creating structures for future growth


Business & Project Assessment Services

  • Business Health Review (BHR)

  • Due diligence (vendor & buyer)

  • Market potential evaluation

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