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Publications & Speaking Engagements



  • "Business engagement with China: a strategy for South Australia’s future? A joint research project of the Confucius Institute and the Australia China Business Council (SA)", January 2011, Australia

  • “SA’s Value Proposition to China”, In Business South Australia, December 05 / January 06, Australia

  • "Top Marketing Maladies in China", EU-China Junior Managers Training Programme News, 2002, China




Speaking Engagements

  •  Launch of the White Paper: "Business engagement with China: a strategy for South Australia’s future? A joint research project of the Confucius Institute and the Australia China Business Council (SA)", April 2011, Australia

  • "Fast Cars and Fast Money; Auto-Data Deutschland – A Case Study", University of Adelaide, MBA Program - November 2008 & June 2007, Australia

  • "Due Diligence: Deal Maker, not Deal Breaker", Real Estate Institute of South Australia, May 2007, Australia

  • "Pitfalls & Challenges when Negotiating with Chinese", leading international legal firm with videolink, February 2007, Australia

  • "Conflict Resolution in China - A Case Study", University of Adelaide, MBA Program - November 2006, Australia

  • "What Does China’s Growth Mean to Us?", Eastwood SA Rotary Club, November 2006, Australia

  • "From Macro (economic) to Micro (implications): The Mexican Devaluation 94/95", University of Adelaide, MBA Program - June & October 2006, Australia

  • "Getting Intrapreneurship Right with MMA: Clear as Glass Yet Tough as Nails", University of Adelaide, MBA Program - July 2006, Australia

  • "Responding to the global downturn: how China businesses are coping" Presentation and Panel Discussion at the Business China Group Shanghai (sponsored by the Economist Intelligence Unit), 2002, China

  • "Tips from the Marketplace - Job Searching in China", for the EU-China Junior Managers Training Programme, December 2000, December 2001 & December 2002, China

  • "Keeping China on the Corporate Front Burner…Without Getting Burned!" Presentation and Panel Discussion at the Business China Group Beijing (sponsored by the Economist Intelligence Unit), 1999, China

  • Numerous presentations as consultant and various management positions in industry over the years

  • A series of job search and strategy workshops as Graduate Associate for Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management, 1987-1988, USA

  • "The Leadership Crisis in Germany", guest lecture sponsored by the German American Business Association, February 1993, USA

  • "Job Searching in Germany - Selling the Right Differences", guest lecture sponsored by Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management, February 1993, USA

  • "Doing Business in China", guest lecture sponsored by Thunderbird, the Garvin School of International Management, February 1993, USA

  • "On the Right Track? The Pitfalls of Production Site Selection for Internationally Active Companies", guest lecture for Professor Perlitz of the business program at the University of Mannheim, Germany, May 1992. 




Wine Publications & Seminars



  • "A Corking Good Time - Tips and Hints on Choosing Your Holiday Wines", City Weekend Holiday Guide, Winter 2003, China

  • "The Increasing Sophistication of Chinese and Wine", South African Wine News as well as, 2003, South Africa, United Kingdom

  • "Winemakers in China", South African Wine News, 2003, South Africa

  • "Raising a Glass - the Chinese Wine Market", City Weekend Wine Guide, Winter 2002, China

  • "Living for the Grape - Etiquette, Rules and General Know-How for Enjoying Your Glass of Red", City Weekend Wine Guide, Winter 2002, China

  • "More Grape to the Pound - Making the Most of Your Weekly Wine Money", City Weekend Wine Guide, Winter 2002, China




  • "Bring on the Bubbles: Sparkling Wine", WAB Wine Appreciation Bunch, January 2003, China

  • "Please Write Me a Prescription for Another Bottle… Wine & Health" with a doctor from a Beijing clinic, WAB Wine Appreciation Bunch, October 2002, China

  • "What's Going On In the Vineyard and Cellar - Review of the Winemaking Process", WAB Wine Appreciation Bunch, August 2002, China

  • "Combining Wine with Food", WAB Wine Appreciation Bunch, May 2002, China

  • "Planning a Wine Holiday" with guest speakers, WAB Wine Appreciation Bunch, March 2002, China

  • "Wine Geography - Who's Best at What?, WAB Wine Appreciation Bunch, January 2002, China

  • "Best Buys: Judging a Wine by its Label", WAB Wine Appreciation Bunch, November 2001, China

  • "The Winemaking Process & Calendar", WAB Wine Appreciation Bunch, October 2001, China

  • "Basics of Wine Tasting", WAB Wine Appreciation Bunch, September 2001, China

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