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Innovate or be Disrupted

The world I was born into (60s) was turbulent in its own way, the rate of change and the size of challenges have only increased.

As part of my love of questioning, it is only natural to consider ways of innovating to harness the powers of disruption and thus increase the sustainability of organisations. This approach is built on formal theoretical grounding via studies in innovation and disruption with Harvard Business School and the University of Adelaide.

BSI therefore offers a range of advisory services for boards and management relating to innovation and disruption.

Examples of past projects:

  • Represented angel investing group as Non-Executive Director in a university-borne start-up to increase the commercial viability of the technology-focused board and management


  • Worked with research and development team of German chemicals manufacturer to better integrate market needs and trends to improve commercialisation results of new products


  • Selected to participate in the Harvard Business School pilot course “Disruptive Strategy with Clay Christensen”


  • Completed Master of Applied Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Graduate Certificate in Science and Technology Commercialisation at the University of Adelaide

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