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Business Health Review (BHR)

Business Health Review is a situation analysis involving 3-5 days of onsite interviews, discussions and review of internal systems and reports. 


The large amount of information collected is then distilled into an overview of the company’s strengths and areas for improvement by function: Service Delivery/Production, Marketing & Sales, Finance & Administration, Human Resources and Company Leadership. 


The Business Health Review is presented to the client as a group workshop and as a comprehensive written document.


BHR is the basis for setting up an Action Plan complete with priorities, due dates and people responsible. The realisation of the Action Plan will be the key to improvements in your business.


It is to your advantage to use your in-house resources as much as possible to complete the Action Items (not least to foster full ownership and buy-in), but Best Solutions International is available for areas where you don't have the capacity or expertise available, or simply where coaching increases the effectiveness.


The BSI Team prides itself on consistently putting together down-to-earth programs to increase the value of clients, either to provide higher returns for the company shareholders, capitalise on an exit strategy, or give its owners more time for other pursuits.



What is the Next Step?


Contact us to receive a formal proposal, meet with us to discuss the details of this approach, or investigate other ways Best Solutions International can help you increasing your profitability.

Best Solutions International
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